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Hey there!

I'm excited you're here. A little more about me--horses have been a focal point in my life for over two decades. I spent a billion years in college studying and eventually earned a PhD in Public Policy. While going to school, I started a pet care business with my BFF. For the last 15 years, I've been a dog walker extraordinaire, all the while taking photos of every dog, cat, horse, guinea pig, snake, frog, or turtle in sight. I always thought I would work some big policy job in DC but equine photography is a lot more fun! I am the mother to two beautiful horses, Sage and Watson. Depending on the day, we are trying our hand at dressage or you can find us out on the trail! 


Needless to say, animals and photography have long been passions of mine. I still teach college courses on the side and walk a few dogs here and there but I'm lucky enough to make Equine Photography the focus of my time these days. I would love the opportunity to meet you and your horse and hopefully create some long lasting memories together! --Kate


Photo credit to Cassidy Bock

J & W

"Telling a visual story of you, your horse, and the bond you share." --Kate H.


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